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Hi, thanks for stopping by. My name is Susy and I live in North Idaho. My husband, Ron and I manufacture power wheelchairs. You can see our company (21st Century Scientific, Inc.) home page at:

I have a few pictures for you to browse (from a few years back), so sit back and Click here to view photos from the life of Susy, the regular person, or click on my photo below to see pictures of SUSY, the Belly Dancer.

Link to Susy the Belly Dancer

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Beaded Wire Video:

Link to Beaded Wire Flower Video

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Susy, Ron and Diva
November 2003: Susy, Ron and Diva


Visit our dog, Diva, at her very own website. Diva is an Agility Competitor and has earned Master Agility Champion Titles!
Check out her pictures and find out what Susy and Diva are doing now.

Diva picture


Susy and Diva
Diva and Susy December 2005

June 10, 2008: Sorry, but the contents of this site haven't been changed sinceApril 17, 1997. However visit MACH Diva's website for cool picures and more current information about Susy.