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Specie Tulips Spring 1996

These brightly colored tulips were an extra "freebie" that came with my mail order bulbs. They were a pleasant surprise. When the tulips were done, some beautiful Oriental Poppies bloomed in the bed just around the corner.

Poppy 1996

I received these poppies from the Coeur d'Alene Garden Club plant exchange. I tucked the plants into the bed along the front of the house just north of the front entry. This is the sunny side of the house, which receives the hot afternoon sun. The north entry bed is also very sunny and I have a Blue Fescue, two clumps of a continuously blooming magenta Princess Purple Dianthus, with a Blue Star Juniper in between them. I tried some dahlias behind them, but even though it is a sunny spot, the dahlias didn't do well.
Front Entry Garden, North Side
Before you leave my front yard, take a look at the bloom on this clematis. Just click:


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