If you have "met" me on the web, you might already know something about me. If you were surfing by and are curious as to who I am, then here goes:

In April 1997 I had my BIG 50 birthday! I was born and lived most of my life in the Los Angeles, California area (with a short stint in Northern California in the 1970's). I have a BA degree from the University of California in Sociology. In 1982 I met my current mate and partner, Ronald E. Prior, Ph.D., who is also a graduate of UCLA. Shortly after meeting Ron, I announced to my daughter, Jeanette, that this was the one (I had been divorced about 15 years). In 1990, after 8 years of working and living together, we tied the knot. We then relocated our business, 21st Century Scientific, Inc., to North Idaho.

From the early 70's until mid 1990's, I had actively Belly Danced. This was my most consuming "hobby". I have performed in clubs, at parties, parades and shows. I have included a photo gallery of some of my favorite pictures for your viewing pleasure. Since the dance opportunities are a bit limited here in North Idaho, I expanded to other interests; gardening and computer nerdess. (If you enjoy my web pages and would like me to design some for you, please drop me a note: susy@wheelchairs.com). In 2001 I found myself with a whole new life style. We got the most wonderful Border Collie puppy, Diva. She and are are an Agility team and as of the end of 2004 she has earned 8 AKC titles including MX and MXJ (Master Agility and Master Agility Jumpers). We are well on our way to MACH dog (Master Agility Champion) which requires 20 perfect days and 750 speed points. To see more about my dog, Diva and our agility you can check out our web site in Mazatlan and also some pictures on our coach's website, North Idaho School of Dog Obedience.

In the early 1990's I was a "Big Sister" to my "Little Sister" Laura (Big Brothers and Sisters is a non-profit organization). We were "matched" over three years. We have cooked, done crafts, gone to movies, played sports, worked in the garden and even traveled together. I certainly enjoyed our time together. Here are some past pictures of Laura.

My immediate family is not very large, but I love and care for them very much. My father, Charles Harris, was widowed from his second wife (Fritzie) just a few years ago. He has found a wonderful third wife, Marilyn. My father, and my step mother live in Studio City, California. My dad keeps active with all sorts of projects including a complete remodel of his home. He added a new "wing" with a master bedroom and bath, a new kitchen and a family room. It turned out really nice!

My mother, Ruthe Kanakoff , lived in Hollywood, California. She did the most beautiful bead and ribbon work you can imagine. She not only made items for exclusive boutiques, but she taught some of her unique skills. Her instructional video called: "Beaded Wire Flowers - A Lesson by: Ruthe Kanakoff" is still available.

I have one brother, Richard. He's works in the computer industry in Northern California. He has a wonderful dog, Annie.

I have one daughter, Jeanette. She is all grown up, but sometimes I still call her kid-lee. I think she forgives me. She lives in Northern California.