Susy and Ron's wedding, June 12, 1990

Susy and Ron's Wedding June 12, 1990

Ron and Laura are cleaning the windshield of the RV, 1994
Ron & Laura cleaning RV windshield picture #1 Ron and Laura cleaning windshield of RV picture #2

Susy and Laura visit Santa, 1995
Susy and Laura with Santa 1995

Susy dancing with her Dad at his wedding 1994

Me and my Dad on his Wedding Day, 1994

Susy, Ron, Marilyn and Chuck 1994

My husband Ron, me, Marilyn and Chuck (my Dad), 1994

My mother, Ruthe Kanakoff 12/95 Me, Ruthe & Babies the Dog, 12/95

Ruthe Kanakoff, 12/95
Susy and her Mom 1995

Richard and his dog Annie

My brother Richard and his dog Annie,

March 1999

My daughter Jeanette March 1999 Jeanette