Alfredo and Clancy, the Cats


The orange cat is Alfred (aka Alfredo, Feddie, Feds, Federated, Fraidie, Fed cat). The black and white is Clancy the cat: aka Clanc-I-fur (like Lucifer) Alfred is about 17 years old and Clancy around 9 years old. When we travel in our motor home, the cats go with us. Clancy is a travel cat. Just open the door to the rig and he runs in. He loves to sit on the dash when we drive. They have been all around the US with us. We almost lost Clancy in a swamp in New Jersey. Just when I had given up all hope of getting him back and I was crying that he was a goner, I heard a mew mew at the door of the rig. In walked Clancy with an attitude that said, he wasn't lost, he just wanted to see the swamp and why are you crying?

Our dogs go everywhere with us including to our shop each day. Brandy is a Lab mix, about 15 years old and Babies is a Border Collie about 10 years old. Babies hates to miss a car ride. Not long ago my husband, Ron, left the hatch open on his car when we got home. Apparently Babies was ready for another ride and she jumped in. Well, Ron was unaware that Babies was in the car when he shut the hatch. Around midnight, I started calling for her to come in. I couldn't find her, but when I called in the garage, there was noise in Ron's car. Babies had been locked in all evening! She was fine, but a little disappointed at not really going anywhere.

Susy, Ron, Babies & Brandy visit SantaSusy & Ron take Babies & Bandy to see Santa, 1996

Ron with dogs

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Dude Dogz and family
Meet Dude Dogz, pictured here with his family-Daddy Ronald, Mommy Susy, and doggie sisters Brandy and Babies. Dude loves his home: Mommy's Pentium (Big Bruiser). He eats all the time, romps all over the screen, does tricks and generally entertains everyone.

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