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aka "Garden of Weeden"

Garden of Weeden

This is my White Garden, also known as "Garden of Weeden." In the background, Babies the dog gets into the picture; she is always ready to pose for the camera! All the flowers in this bed are white. I placed a silver gazing ball, in a glass container (filled with sea shells) right in the middle of a bird bath. My garden elf (with the red cap) is carrying his fishing catch and watches over the garden. In the Spring the lake can flood part of this garden; when I first planted it the lake was at least six feet away!
White Tulips
These white tulips were almost underwater in the Spring of 1996.
This is a view of the White Garden looking down the hill toward the lake.
White Garden looking toward the lake
Casa Blanca Lily

Casa Blanca Lilies
Angel Trumpet

Angel Trumpet
There are many different plants with white blooms, it is fun to collect them into one garden, but a challenge to make them into a continuous cohesive garden display. The Round Garden is NEXT on this tour.

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